Hey loves!

Wishing you a very happy new year! First, thank you for joining me and following along my adventurous journey. A new year is here, full of dreams, opportunities, and wonderful adventures to come. As we know, January is the month of resolutions, also the perfect time for a fresh start. 2017 was a year full of memorable and happy moments but things didn’t turned out the way I had planned. I faced a lot of challenges in my personal and professional life and—trust me—all the failures and achievements were lessons and ended up contributing to my self growth.

As a Taurus, I’m a stubborn and strong bull and when I set my eyes on a goal, I will make the effort necessary to see it through. I tend to be very independent and when life throws me lemons, I make my own green juice with them! I am also loyal to those who have earned my trust. But I don’t have patience for indecisive personalities.

I’ve been taking some time to get to know myself better and reflect about my strengths, weaknesses, and attitudes to become better version of me every day. I’m sharing with you what has been helping me:

  1. Take some time to reflect about your life: I’ve been listing my current dreams, goals, and aspirations in life.
  2. Be kind: I strongly believe in treating others the way you want to be treated. Respect yourself, others and nature.
  3. Gratitude: The only way to focus on what really matters to me is to be thankful of what I’m blessed with.
  4. Be present: As I grow older, I value (even more) spending quality time with my loved ones and keeping them close.
  5. Focus on wellness: I found myself happier when I’m doing yoga, eating clean, and being close to nature. Find something healthy that you enjoy doing and make that a habit.

I can’t be more excited for the new year because I’m sure it will be BIG, BOLD, and BETTER! I’m closing my eyes to old ends and opening my heart to new beginnings. Welcome 2018 and Namaste!




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